Stroller Snooze

It’s amazing what moms will do to keep their sleeping beauties just that way–sleeping.

When my little bundle of boy falls asleep as we bump along the sidewalks during a walk around the neighborhood, I do everything possible to avoid waking him up once we reach home. That most often means wheeling the stroller right up the back deck, through the kitchen, and into the living room, where I don’t dare touch one thing on him or the stroller for fear of disturbing his slumber. I don’t even dare lift up the weather shield when we’re inside.

I love that strollers are seriously narcotic. Once he’s strapped in, baby seriously racks out.  The best part is he stays asleep in it even when it’s not moving. Today, for example, we’ve rounded the corner into a third hour of a nap. In that time, I’ve showered and dressed, taken the dog out, caught up on my e-mails, written a news story, and worked on scheduling meetings during a conference next week.

Needless to say, I’ve got him strapped into this thing at least three mornings a week.

Lights Out!

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