Things I Would Never Have Thought I’d Buy: Baby Shades

Last year when I went to Chamonix, I was 7+ months pregnant, couldn’t ski (tragic), and couldn’t après-ski (even more tragic). So, I spent my days in the mountains swimming at the community pool–I was the orca in lane 6–and doing lots of walking about town.

The great thing about Chamonix is although it’s a ski town, which automatically means it attracts young, beautiful, single, extreme sport seekers also willing to party down at night, it’s also really family friendly. You wouldn’t believe the number of strollers rolling around town. At that point, I was really into checking out the strollers. (The French love the pram-style strollers and also appear to be big fans of expensive brands like Peg Perego, Maclaren, and BébéConfort.)

But the other thing I noticed was that all the babies were wearing sunglasses. I’m talking itty, bitty babies not soon-to-be toddlers. Although the kids were adorable in their baby shades–the French do have absolutely beautiful children–I sort of thought sunglasses were sort of stupid. Sure, it was sunny out, but seriously?

After baby was born, my sister bought him a pair of blue, baby sunglasses. I think it was more of a joke, a nod to my mom and my comments about all the babies in Chamonix.

But fast forward a year and I was what was stupid, not the sunglasses.

As a mommy rather than just a pregnant lady this Chamonix trip around, the sun didn’t just seem bright; it seemed ferocious. It’s rays bore down, unblinking, on baby. You’d no sooner step outside than his little paws would be right up in front of his eyes, his face crumpled up on itself in attempt to keep out the sun’s intense gaze.

But once we popped his little shades on, he was pretty much good to go. Sure, he would fuss a little when I first put them on, but it would be for maybe five seconds and then he’d realize he could see and was chill.

I swear he felt cool when he had them on, too. His smiles were a little different than usual when wearing his shades and even though I couldn’t see his eyes behind the lenses, I felt like he was looking at the world a little differently. It was like he was a little more confident, a little more outgoing, a little more flirtatious. I swear he was giving other kids with shades on a knowing nod as they rolled past each other.

Think I’m crazy? Check this out:

Future's so bright, he's got to wear shades

I’m not sure exactly what brand these shades are since I didn’t buy them; I’m not even 100% sure what store they came from. But the design is great because rather than be like miniature grown-up shades, they’ve got a soft elastic strap that holds the rims and lenses on baby’s face. I think it seems more comfortable–nothing pressing behind the ears–and it also makes them harder to fall off or be pulled off.

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