Best Birthday Ever (Almost)

My sweet bundle of boy is definitely more of a boy and less of a bundle now that he’s turned a year old. I have been a bad baby momma and not been terribly on the ball in getting any images of this major milestone up to share. So, I’m hoping this post will rectify that situation.

I had debated not doing a party of any sort for the wee one–just a little cupcake and candle action at dinner with me and Mimi, perhaps–but then I gave in. I realized that if hubby was able to be around for baby’s big day, he would most certainly have made a much bigger deal of it than I was planning. So, I really decided to have the party for him and less than baby because he was missing it, if that makes any sense at all.

At any rate, I am so glad I did, although it was a lot of work for just a couple of hours. That’s about as long as any of the mommas could stay, as babies would begin early stages of meltdown at around the 90  minute mark. And meltdown was definitely the word of the day, given the temps of 90+ degrees. (Thanks to all the moms and kids who came and sweated with us to celebrate a very special first birthday!)

Baby was well prepared for the event. We had done some pre-birthday cupcake tasting (which was good because neither Mimi nor I remembered to give him one at his party–whoops!) and also given him a long overdue haircut. He also got a new outfit to let everyone know it was his big day, although that got dirty and thrown into the laundry before the party even began. (He was less of a fan of costume No. 2.) But he totally enjoyed seeing all his little buddies crawling and toddling around with him, turning my living room and back deck into a Gymboree session. And then once the last guests left, we finally opened presents  (there had been way too much going on during the party to tackle that fun) and spent the rest of the afternoon beating the heat with cold drinks, popsicles, and sprinkles from the hose.

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Needless to say, it was a near perfect day. The only thing missing was dad. But that just means next year’s baby birthday bash is bound to be better than ever because he’ll be in charge of planning it.


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