This blog first started out as an experiment. There I was: in my early 30s; married to a super fun guy; living in downtown Washington, D.C.; mommy to two black cats and a Doberman; and about to be a first-time mom. I was sort of freaking out.

Oh Boy, Oh JoyA lot of what I was pinging about–other than the whole pain of childbirth–was what adding “newbie parent” to my resume was going to mean. I expected that becoming a mommy was going to change my relationships, my social life, my work, and my own view of myself, but I wasn’t sure to what degree. I already had a busy life as a military wife, full-time trade journalist, francophile, DIY-er, amateur gardener, avid traveler, sports enthusiast, and canine cook. Could I add mommy to my repertoire without sacrificing one of my existing roles?

I didn’t know, so I started thinking about what would happen if I couldn’t afford to go back to work. Sounds strange, I know, but I assure the costs of daycare in D.C. are not in line with a journalist’s salary. So, I decided to start a blog while I was on maternity leave to see if I could be disciplined enough to write on my own from home. Voila, voila, voila! Mum’s the Word was hatched.

Turns out finding the time to write while I was on maternity leave was totally doable; however, it’s been more challenging since I’ve gone back to work. But it’s still fun and rewarding, so I keep plugging away at it.

And as I’ve kept going, I’ve come to realize that while becoming a mom is life changing (and body altering) enough, there are some additional challenges, benefits, and experiences that come uniquely from trying to grow a family in the middle of one of the nation’s biggest cities. And other than my friends in the District, there are not that many great resources for mommies like me. So, I’ve made the Mum’s the Word blog’s whole mission is to provide support, encouragement, information, resources, and (hopefully) a few laughs to those, who like me, are just beginning to navigate the urban jungle gym.

3 responses to “Moi

  1. Betsy Thornton

    Hey you…I didn’t realize you had this blog! This is great! Sorry I have “pregnancy brain” still after two months. Did you talk about that at all? It doesn’t go away after you have the baby, if you had it at all. Seriously I will be in the middle of a conversation and forget what I was even talking about. And names, forget it, can’t remember them. So strange.

  2. Martha O'Donnell

    Tes histoires sont merveilleuses et ton bebe precieux. Merci pour nous amuser si souvent.

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