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Yet Another Reason Crayola Rocks

I have always loved everything Crayola. I still get excited just looking at the yellow and green box. It seems so full of fun and possibilities. A crayon is so much more than a crayon–it’s a train or a monster or a pony. And a marker? It’s an underwater adventure or a snowy day or a siege on a castle. But as a parent, there are new things I appreciate in the genius that is Crayola.

First, washable markers and crayons. What my mom wouldn’t give to have those bad boys transported back in time. I’m pretty sure the first time I saw my mom’s head spin around out was when she realized my latest masterpiece had bled through the construction paper, leaving a connect-the-dots version on her butcher block kitchen table. You can still see some of the marks 30 years later.

But today, I realized something else totally awesome about Crayola–markers can be trilingual. Sorry the picture’s not better; I clearly have done a number on my camera phone:

I’m not sure how I missed this before. Maybe it’s new? Or maybe I didn’t have kids the last time I really worked in the marker medium. But either way, I’m loving it now. Maybe teaching my kid colors in three languages just got a little easier.

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