My Life in Six Words Or Less

My step-mom used to keep a journal to help her deal with some of the issues she was going through as she battled ovarian cancer. After she died last year, my family got a chance to peek inside.

One of the things we found in the journal was that she used to play a game that she called, “My Life in Six Words or Less,” where she basically would jot down a little six-word phrase to describe how she was feeling about her life and the people in it at any given moment. Two stick out in my mind:

  • One dedicated to my dad: “Come closer, kiss longer, my love.”
  • Another to her grand-kids: “Will travel for hugs and kisses.”

There was something so sweet and simple in that little exercise that I think about it often and try to come up with my own phrases to describe my life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like my life is very deep at the moment. Here’s a recent one:

small baby + big mess = my life


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4 responses to “My Life in Six Words Or Less

  1. Sarah

    Dear Figure Skating Legend,
    My six words to you:

    Huggies Snugglers + Baby OxyClean = Happy Onesies

    It’s Dec… I will obtain date for Stroller Slosh, Baby Boozers, Wee Winos, or whatever it’s called. Haha…

  2. That picture is priceless!! Love Ian’s face! Man I do not miss that stage of pooping…but each has its own high points. I myself use Reslove stain stick, it looks like deoderant, great at getting out baby poop…

    • I’m an OxyClean girl myself. I keep a bottle in the nursery so I can squirt the mess before I can forget about it. But even if you forget and wash whatever it is that got stained and the stain doesn’t come out, if you reapply the spray, it’ll come out the second time through. That stuff is amazing.

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