About A Boy

So, the skinny on my little man is that he is my first and only baby for the moment. He was born near the end of last May, arriving 14 minutes after midnight. He was a decent sized baby at 8 pounds, 6 ounces and 21 inches long.

Bonjour Baby!

Right after he was born, the doctor held him up and said, “That’s a very well nourished baby.” Since that day, eating has been my baby’s special talent. Because of it, he’s stayed big and round and very healthy looking. It’s hard not to want to pinch his cheeks, despite how cliché that sounds.

I think my son looks like his dad because he’s got the same color hair, the same complexion, and the same hobbit feet. (Sorry, kid, I had no control over that.) But his father says he sees me in his big eyes, small chin, and nearly nonexistent lips. (Blame my father’s side of the family for the latter.) So, I guess baby is a true combination of the both of us.

But the thing about babies, so I’m finding out is that they don’t stay at any one size or stage for very long. Day to day, week to week, they are growing, developing, and evolving into the grown-ups they will eventually be. So, here’s hoping that this project can capture some of the best times that I’m having with the little boy who was the inspiration for this blog.

So, to catch up on the kid’s latest growth spurts, click on the links below:


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